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Full Moon Dreams

A Harry Potter Fanfiction Archive

Welcome to my journal!

This is a journal set up so I can follow various online communities and archive my stories (on a site where they hopefully won't be mutilated by the powers that be - as per fanfiction.net.)

There is quite a collection of stories here, with at least a little variety as to genre & pairings etc. To see what there is, please check out the Fic List post which is always situated at the top of my journal page. There you will find a list of the main stories in this journal along with information about the main characters, any pairings, the era the story is set in, genre, rating, and story length (chapters and word count).

The Fic List post also contains the link to the post containing the 100 Quills Prompts list (which is posted separately due to tables hating me). Although this table does not contain as much information as the Fic List one, it is colour coded to show genre and rough story length.

WARNING: Some of the stories in this journal are slash fiction (two men in a romantic relationship together), so be sure to read summaries and warnings before reading any of them.

NC-17 stories are few and far between from me, so if you are looking for PWP then you are almost certainly in the wrong place. On the odd occasion that I do write something more graphic than innuendo and heavy snogging/groping it is not posted publicly. Please see the information included in this post for further details on NC-17 stories.

All stories are tagged and stories with more than one chapter are linked throughout. If you do have any difficulty navigating or find any broken links, please let me know.

The Quibbler Awards

Two of my stories were nominated in round two of The Quibbler Awards.

Meant to Be - Nominated for Best One Shot

Once in a Blue Moon - Runner-Up for Best WIP & Best AU

The Hourglass Awards 2009

Two more nominations for awards, this time in the Hourglass 2009 awards at The Unknowable Room!

Rita Skeeter Makes a Comeback came in at second place in the category of Best Comedy/Parody Fic.

Trouble with a Capital T was nominated in the category of Best AU Fic.

Thank you to whoever it was that nominated the stories. It has made me ridiculously happy.

My Original Fiction

All my published stories are male/male or male/male/male stories.

I have now set up a site/blog for the majority of my posts about my original fiction. That can be found here.

Most of my posts about the original fiction stories will be over there instead of cluttering up here. I will try and keep my posts about original fiction to a minimum.